Something that has become very important to me over the course of 2018 has been learning about my personal finances and, in connection with that, my habits of consumption. I never really realized how much I’ve taken on the habits of my parents when it came to what I buy and my thought process when making financial decisions.

My mother spends money on things that she never (or rarely) actually uses and on things that are cheap but will never last long. I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that for most of my life, I’ve been emulating that pattern and how unhealthy that is. This past summer I renovated my bedroom and that meant cleaning out my entire room and in the process, I got rid of about 70% of my possessions. It felt so. Incredibly. Liberating.

From that moment on, I started monitoring what I buy and why I buy it. It’s helped me so much in understanding the value of things and how to be smart and save my money – especially because this year has hit me hard in the finances.

This page was created while thinking about ethical and long term smart consumption. We’re bombarded with ads and emails and sales all day long. And making a purchase is easier than ever because now you can do it with a few simple clicks so I’m hoping that in 2019 I can take the lessons I’ve learned and go further. I’m hoping for prosperity for all of us!!!

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