July: Photo Diary

I watched a skillshare course on city photography by this guy who specializes in urban and travel photos and I absolutely loved it!

It’s not something I’ve ever really given much thought and I realized that I love hearing the stories of people who do creative jobs I’ve never even considered.

My own photography has been focused on nature and the predominant color is green. Possibly because I live in the pacific northwest and moss covers every surface.

My city is relatively young; only 150 years old in comparison to London or Paris… we’re babies! But I think every city is special in some way and every city has something unique about it.

So, I sent a text to my sister, grabbed the DSLR and off we went!

We started off right in the parking lot. The alleyway that was behind the lot was covered in street art and looked absolutely stunning!


We went the rest of the way down and watched a young guy showing off the street art to his mother, who looked on with awe:


We stopped by the Vancouver Pen Shop, where I got myself a few nibs to stock up my supply, and then to a fabric store where I found a squeaky toy shaped like a shark and nearly scared my sister to death when I loudly set it off in the middle of the store.

Then we grabbed some delicious food, and wandered around Gastown for a bit, where again, I got obsessed with alleyways and also fire escapes.

We also patiently waited as a man in a kilt walked down Water St playing the bagpipes:

A true legend.

We decided to head over to Granville Island and spend some time cruising through the indie stores and art shops until closing time.

Look at this kid! My favorite model.

It was hot and sunny, and the seagulls and tourists were out in full force.

We went to opus where the sister got herself a black sketchbook. Then to paper-ya, where I found a Delfonics canvas pouch that I couldnt pass up and finally, we ended the day at Maiwa, where I got myself a little pot of ground madder root. I’m curious to know how well it dyes, and maybe I’ll make myself some natural pigment watercolors… who knows.

My favorite photo of the day is this one:


I dont know who that lovely lady is but I loved the way the wind was blowing her hair, and I especially love the horizontal lines of the railing. I hope that her food tasted good.

Overall, it was a completely wonderful day! I think I’ll have to come back downtown again, maybe in the Autumn when everything starts to glisten from the rain.

Do I love city photography? Yes! Am I any good at it? Not yet, I dont think. I’m loving the thought process when it comes to composition and lighting. It’s something new to me to work with so many elements. But I’m really excited to try it again.

And there’s something magical about catching complete strangers in a snapshot of their lives.

And alleyways, of course.


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